(a sequence)

A body lying broken

upon the strand of time:
like so much trash.
Like an ocean,

Time has taken you –
time has let you dive
into the mysteries;
time has seen you through.
It is middle of the night, and
on that timeless strand,
a bunch of out-time vultures
prey on you, as if you were
but so much sea-forgotten fish:
it is an ill wind that
blows nobody no good.
I saw a sea of grass
coming and meeting the air –
I touched the dead centuries,
times of hope and despair –
I, I was the link, the tie
between the earth and the sky;
I, a dead body,
laid on the shore
of a never-silent green
timeless ocean of grass…

I saw a sea of grass
a barrier
that lets no traveller past


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