some things are just those things

i sit here, in my tower of ice, under the wing of winter herself, and watch the media stream go by. and there is something wrong in the representations of the recent events in France and other places. yes. terrorism. it does not have race, or religion, or gender, or sex, or colour. it is…


this christmas was/is a white and unseasoned season. maybe even bitter, although it does not feel so. it does not feel like anything, really. the snow is crisp. the cold is timely. the moon pours blue light over the silent(ish) city. the room temperature is adequate. when i am not working, doing something practical, i…


and so here is the dream: in my dream, i sleep, and beryl the cat sleeps next to me in three columns, justified. with a little quotation in a frame somewhere in the middle of the page. to the music of “erbarme dich’ from st. Matthew’s passion by Bach. … illustrious.

winter as a subject of complaint(s)

is there a season that attracts as many and as contradictory complaints as your plain, simple winter of the northern hemisphere? when the winter is mild and the temperature does not fall under minus ten celsius, they complain about the lack of cold and crispiness. and the ticks survive and infest everywhere.

bez pieturzīmēm

es gribu betona kluci baznīcas kalnā kur rakstīt grafiti un dīvainus vārdus atļauties garāmgājēju acīs tādu lielu, pelēku kluci trīs dimensijās kur uzkrāsot domas un klusumu atstāt ļaužu skrējiena malās

the examination hangover

and so, the examination period is almost over. hopefully. what i think… that i do not. i also do not understand how the teachers should respect students who do not care even to learn the teacher’s surname properly. not the why. the how.

Eleven. The trouble with Jesus

he does not know too much. he knows everything. can you trust someone who knows everything about you, your life, your motives, your desires, your …whatever? he knows all that and still loves you. can you trust this person? make that leap from being unknown to being fully known? can you live with everything being known about…

Five. Chess

the great game of chess has been likened to the game of life. but maybe it is the game of life that is likened to game of .. chess, fidchell, hneftafl and so on. maybe people of all times have wanted to transfer the responsibility of life to that of a game, where one can…

a note

when tradition meets common sense, common sense has to go. it is amazing, really amazing, to what lengths people would go to do as has been done before. look at the lemmings. they traditionally jump from the rocks. right into the sea.  

when dreams flock

and so my subconscious made fun of me again. going to some weird inoculation against what they called ‘summer disease’ (in a very strange place, and i had forgotten my ID and thus the whole thing failed), i happened to get to a teacher’s congress. where the teachers were dressed like mediaeval dignitaries and some –…

fun or similar.. probably fun

This applicant’s psychographic profile matches William Butler Yeats. Lexicon Personnel File Information on Yeats is classified at this time. However, you should feel extremely proud. Click for more

influence of harry potter on the history of english

let it be known now, that “French borrowings are widely used and has (probably ‘have) remained since their introduction. For example, dragon, griffin, hippogriff, phoenix, and others.” sometimes marking exam in the history of english can be such fun.

roses and tomatoes

roses are green and red, and yellow, and orange. tomatoes are green and red and yellow and orange. roses smell nice. tomatoes smell nice. now, how come, we do not put tomatoes in a vase, and do not eat roses for salad? ======================================= my dead mother inhabits my dreams, mutely disappearing at the most odd…


so, here i am, reclining in my bed after a day of, well, let us call them events. having checked essays and other student not-so-creative writing till 2 AM, i got up at 7:30, did some hectic running about the house and breakfasting, and then got to the shower at about 8. and then i…


never say that you love chocolate. it will only use this to get into your bed. and it will stick there.


it seems there are two types of conclusion: relevant and irrelevant. it also seems, that the two types are inextricably linked. the relevant conclusion from this year’s bachelor papers i’ve read: i need more sleep. the irrelevant conclusion from this year’s bachelor papers i’ve read: crocodiles are not green. the inextricable link between the two aforesaid…

where to go when one is dead

stumbled on this by accident: Rīgas Ziemeļu izpilddirekcijas Dzimtsarakstu nodaļas Miršanas reģistrācijas sektors atrodas Aizsaules ielā 1a. Apmeklētāju pieņemšanas laiki [..] (literally: the Register office for registering deaths is located in 1a Otherworld Street. Clients are expected at the following hours: [..]) hilarious.


and why, really, why does it have to be apple in all the films about the garden of eden? why not persimmon? why not plum? why not… peach, or grape, or pomegranate? what have the apple-trees done to the artists since ancient times, did they not provide cider and apple-juice, and comfortable shadow, and most…

observing meters in L-space

the month of may is come, and apparently the annual academic madness is intensifying, as is its right. and so, after some attempts to figure out the differences between russian and english terminology and methods for poetry analysis. (and [insert the appropriate expletive here] can the russians convolute terminology and analysis, can they indeed.) and…

a girl’s best friends

they say, are diamonds. or at least that is how the song goes (i really enjoyed this trio, as the clip sort of reveals the predator nature of the so-called prey really well and cynically):


one knows the spring is here, because a) geese are flying northbound in formation b) first year and second year students are prone to rambling and daydreaming c) third and fourth year students turn up with all sorts of missed papers and questions d) people look suddenly happier in streets e) all the academic colleagues…

to-do list

you know the usual – planting the tree, having a son and harming a snake thing? things that should be achieved in a lifetime, for the lifetime to ‘tick off’, to have happened? here goes a little list: plant a thought and see it grow in someone else’s attitude build a tree of relationships collapse…

rose vs. begonia

roses look cool, and are interesting to raise. begonias look green and red and white and yellow, and are not presumptuous. but if asked to choose between them, i will probably say that i like chrysanthemums best. those shaggy, yellow or white, heavy-headed flowers with the bitter smell. kiku-no-hana.