a little thought of food

i put to you this, o plant eaters if you eat plants because you think that thus you will not enslave animals, or bring them to death, or you will support the animals in the wild, think of this: 1. what do the plants eat? especially the plants consumed as food by humans. manure. compost. […]

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epic yet again

dear diary, we have not talked for some time, and here i am, all the same. so, i had this … encounter with snow-covered ice and concrete on sunday.

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this made me smile

bbc horizon: what is reality the most mysterious rule of  reality: the fact that  the quantum bits stop doing two things at once as soon as they are observed; the quantumness of reality is apparently very sensitive. so, folks, do not observe those who try doing two things at once. you will lose the job […]

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monday, february 18

got up at 5 tried to work went to bed at 6 was woken at 8 do not remember what i said someone else called at half nine i think i sent them somewhere, hopefully politely fell asleep at 10 or so got up at 11 started the laundry fell back in my bed totally […]

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an attempt at imagining things i cannot imagine, and thus come up with very weird imagery

were you a night orchid, white in the heart of summer, i’d be the occasional screech of a barn-owl over the dew in the meadow. were you a bright firefly, dancing like there’s no daybreak, i’d be the silence of fir-trees, stretching their arms into stars. were you silver moonbeam, piercing the clouds for this […]

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well, it seems i have started drawing thought-pictures or feeling-pictures or those pictures where there is sth of  the other-ness. and this time i have as much clue as to whether that is good or bad as the last time. the change is in the air. have to think of that. meanwhile, here is one of […]

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floral disaster

now, here is a thing. in case you have some potted plants you want to do a genocide against, try this – send them to me to a death camp. whatever i try, whatever i do, the plants just keep dying on me. the heather died in september.

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some more dreams of language

so, i have got the wiedźmin books by Andrzej Sapkowski. in polish. and the audiobooks (polish), too. what i have been doing for the past days for a couple of hours a day, is this – read the books while listening to the audiobooks, and look up some of the most annoying unknown words in the […]

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four – mute love

when love does not want  to interfere, it becomes mute. it exists, yet is unpronounced, unfulfilled an unfinished, as love can find its fullness only in the unity with the other it is directed at. such love dies  – as a plant that has been cut in two. or sprouts into strange and bizarre things […]

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when you try to turn a page on your coffee-mug, and take a sip from your e-reader; when you press a word on a paper book, and wonder why the inbuilt dictionary does not work; when you ask for a manual or communication protocols to talk to a friend; when you think of restarting your […]

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i had a dream (purely linguistic)

so, i had a dream. about a linguistic process that is called actualisation of meaning in this process, from all the potential meanings of a word or phrase, depending on the context, only a few are actualised – become active and known. so, the dream. there were pieces of multi-layered cakes. there was a huge tower of ice-cream, also […]

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no, not a feminist

“i can see right away, you have a real man in the house,” she said. “why?” i asked her. “all your knives are very sharp,” she replied. and i took offence. even when she said it was only in jest, i felt offended. there has never been, and never will be a man, real or […]

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words bounce like little lemmings on the sea-water the sounds slide leatherly similar to falling leaves on glass and stick, closely to the inside of one’s skull sullen, swollen, unscratchable silent, like a bloated hedgehog the unthought turns on its owner  

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october 11, 2012

creativity at all-time low. anything else?… i do not know. the birds told me there will be snow soon. should i put out some bird food in the bird feeder? (wow, what an indo-european vowel gradation in the previous sentence) i miss the forest across the river. the forest here is not a forest, it […]

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october approximately 3

the maples turn scarlet. the mists stop air traffic (good job there, mists). my soul is confused about where i am, and has gone missing. i so understand that. the sadness roams freely, and the birds have quit squabbling over the autumn flies. probably not tasty enough. and i think of jesus, and how all […]

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this month will have changes in it. i am changing my habitat to the more urban Sarkandaugava. i am sorry for the birds, i’ll miss them, and i’m sure they’ll miss me i am not sorry for the people of the flat i rented the room in. let them [eat] drink and [make merry] fight, […]

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