five and twenty

there are moments when i wonder if anyone has ever tried doing a CDA of the texts of the Christmas songs. or how the theology of Christmas songs has changed. Because some of the texts are so sweet they make me sick. and others are not about Christmas. no, I do not have a Christmas […]

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moths have blind eyes printed on their wings quietly rustling grey on brown spreading spooky whispers in the shadows growing longer among the shrouds of mist a shade more a shade less a dance weaving in and out of forgetfulness



winter solstice. the sun goes to the underside of the flat earth, and we wonder if it will come out again. the bottom of the flat earth is tremendously sticky.

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let’s build a tent from the laundry rack, let’s build chess-men armies and attack the stuffed toys with marbles. we can have little Lego mountains to scale and cook griddle-cakes on a makeshift fire with green-peas. let us travel out to somewhere west of the map and draw two moons in the sky and be […]

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one feather fluttered, weightless to the basement of the world the unnoticed looked at the non-existent, to- gether they gathered the fluff without containers the bird of heaven warped in the cold shrugged and flew on another down feather precipitated, carried by wind and gravity down, a-down, a-downity-down to the invisible people at the basement […]

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an image of the fragrance of oregano, as i dream neverending pasta dreams, meat conspicuously absent, dragging with strings of cheese attached to spicy memories coughed up like too much anise or liquorice, sickly sweet, with a tinge of balsamic vinegar in their wake bitter recollections, reeking of things half-forgotten, intensely unforgiven and cold, cold […]

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Χαίρετε ἐν κυρίῳ πάντοτε (Phil. 4:4a) Gaudete in Domino semper (Vulgate) Joy ye in the Lord evermore (Wycliffe) Celebrate God all day, every day (The Message) There.

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i thought of posting a single word today. but maybe i’ll leave that word for tomorrow. today i guess is time to consider something much disputed in this town recently. family values. No. Traditional Family Values. we have been recently reminded (please, look at some of the slogans) that there is such a thing as […]

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Witch-hunt. In time of darkness, or simple murkiness, people envy those who see. This envy might take different forms, from the polite venomous, ‘of course you know better,’ to the outrightly open ‘kill the witch’. The people, the internet trolls, the scathing commenters, the ones who simply have nowhere to vent their steam are summarily […]

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the leaves gone brown outside under the trees, you called the supine moon a cheese-boat floating in berry-blue sky, target unknown full of reflected light, almost edible; that time i was a dragon meltingly-hot, and hungry for flight wide-winged and silver; your boat challenged me, it looked tasty; by your word i soared high, a […]

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the best of all possible worlds. (Leibniz) this one. here. this is the best of all possible worlds. with this formulation, it is not important, how many or how placed the worlds are in relation to each other, whether they are reachable or only hypothetical. of course, one might challenge Leibniz’s criteria for comparison and all sort […]

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the head empty of all but brain and maybe some blood sloshing through, i try to think elevated. for about two inches.

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unlike the wonderful Sylvia Plath, i sometimes think i’d like to be a tree. I’d like to be , well, no, not vertical (that too, of course), but a tree. so i wrote this: maybe i am a tree between the up there and down here, and down some more. like a spruce, my roots […]

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This is a poem that has worked out its theodicy from the depths of experience and witness. Or should I say here, the theodicy has been worked out for the time and place of this poem, of this theologian. The good forces encircle and cover the the one who will go through the dark and […]

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today is the tomorrow of yesterday today is the yesterday of tomorrow love never ends.

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the sun lies low, hugging the horizon, its rays flat, lowered, angling for the last strands of the green on the mud-beset ground. only the lichen shine back from the craggy brown apple-trees. in a fork, brightly a raven’s feather, a pike of metallic sheen, vibrating with the wind’s breath. the sun coldly withers and […]

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two years ago, there were 6 pigeons, maybe fewer even, flying in and out of the yard. normal pigeons, powder-blue, mad-eyed, pretending to be the navel of the world. there were two crows too. and 17 cats, most of them ferals. and of course, there were the herring gulls and all sorts of other white […]

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Music exists one beat at a time. The heart exists one beat at a time.One beat at a time, time seeps like dry sand through the cracks of an ancient-built road.What is the first beat, whence it comes, whereto is its flow?Who was there to start it, and whose ears perceived the tremor?One beat at […]

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Seventeen. Hope

hope is this frail little root that lifts a large chunk of asphalt just because. but a simple movement of foot can terminate the frail root. hope is also the balance between the fear of termination, and the lifting of asphalt covers. hope thrives on being opposed. this is why it is symbolised by holly, […]

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