one feather fluttered, weightless to the basement of the world the unnoticed looked at the non-existent, to- gether they gathered the fluff without containers the bird of heaven warped in the cold shrugged and flew on another down feather precipitated, carried by wind and gravity down, a-down, a-downity-down to the invisible people at the basement […]

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this made me smile

bbc horizon: what is reality the most mysterious rule of  reality: the fact that  the quantum bits stop doing two things at once as soon as they are observed; the quantumness of reality is apparently very sensitive. so, folks, do not observe those who try doing two things at once. you will lose the job […]

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the fewer of us, the more of family graves we inherit. the more of graves, the less time to our life. the less time, the more of running. the more of running, the more graves.

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funerals one misses

and then my father said (to the world at large) – she did not go to the funeral of my best man (by she meaning me). and then i thought, why should i. the people on my father’s side of the family have spent minimum 30 years trying to alienate me from the relatives on […]

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a letter

dear god, i am only a poet in a world of too many words. thank you for listening to my silences. faithfully yours, me Posted by Wordmobi

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empty subroutines

how come that people use questions like “how is [person’s name here]?” without actually wanting to hear the answer, to relate to the subject? has this, too, become an empty phrase in english – like “how are you?” and “take care”, and “i’m afraid, i’m busy”? if you ask me, it is better to indicate […]

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skype smileys that should have been there but were not, what a pity

… [22:39:00] /me: (bootfly) [22:39:15] E.Z.: (facepalm) [22:40:13] /me: (throwfish) [22:41:05] E.Z.: (takeanevasiveactionregardinallthrownobjects) [22:42:11] /me: (wallintheway) [22:42:41] E.Z.: (hittrollwithanaxe) [22:42:58] /me: (dropbricksrightonhead) [22:43:15] E.Z.: (putbucketonhead) [22:45:18 /me: (slidebrickstothebottom) [22:46:03] E.Z.: (shoutthisisspartanotsomekindoftetris) [22:46:24] /me: (buckettetris) …

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how things shrink

have you noticed how the original world gets smaller when one returns from either far away or long time no see? the world of my home has diminished even unto a snowball in bonfire. but i will think of that tomorrow. today i will meditate on how things shrink. how the once important people suddenly […]

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mistakes un-correctable

’tis autumn. the joys and sorrows of summer slowly pass into oblivion. my head full of handel’s concertos, i stand in the wind among debri of leaves and raindrops. time to remember, time to forget. and suddenly i am aware again, of what it is i remember. and what i forget. i remember books. addresses- […]

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the feeling in my bones

i am trying to write this in the hope that i will write the feeling off. it sometimes happens. maybe this will allow me to clarify – or at least name – the images and notions, so that a rational decision could be reached. i call it the feeling in my bones. because this is […]

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There is this old Sufi legend about water. There lived a prophet predicted that at some point all water in the land would dry up. And then new water would come in its place, but whoever drank of it would lose their reason. The prophet called to people to gather water so they would survive, […]

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Sore throat, sore mind. It is amazing how early and how dark it gets when one longs for light. I think too much of politics and programming, too little of feelings and life in its unpredictability. Lets say- I an happy to be so…mundane, down-to-earth etc. This only proves that I am of Neptune, the […]

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