in god’s potter shed

thinking of the sunday’s sermon i came up with this outline: in jer. 18:1-11, jeremiah is referred to potter for an object lesson. potter’s shed clay mixture (god’s folk) – has to be worked and prepared before making pots – needs clay (faith) – needs water (prayer) – needs sand (hope) – needs crumbs of […]

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(Luke 10 1-10) jesus sends his followers out on a harvest mission. there are a number of things to observe here. first, the sender. it is the lord, the owner of the harvest. god sees the souls ready to join his kingdom, and he sees the people who can bring them there. so he adds […]

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post-easter hangover

for whatever reason, started reading george macdonald (1824-1905) in maybe lewis is to blame, been listening to his books lately. among other things, that is. a lot of things. this talk about the consuming fire struck me as very.. well.. logical in a totally crazy way (lol). this (see below) is how it feels […]

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why do they think they own the truth?

If you cannot divorce yourself from hypocritical self‐deceit, you will never be successful as a magician, much less a Satanist. (Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible, p.47) i sometimes think – if you do not divorce yourself from self-deceit and hypocrisy, you will not make even a successful nobody, leave alone becoming your own self. seeing […]

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because god is so holy and omnipotent, nothing can stand in his way. it is no use to try to achieve something on one’s own, to climb up to god’s dwelling: the higher one will go, the higher they will see the throne of god, out of reach, ever inaccessible. the higher the climb, the […]

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gospel-centered life

just finished the fist reading of  The Gospel-centered Life by Bob Thune&Will Walker, World Harvest Ministries, and for once i have to say that this is an extremely well-conceived, challenging and perfectly planned study guide to a number of  key-concepts, practices and theology in your everyday christian life.

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Even if

Even if the sun did not shine, and the heaven withheld the promised rain, i still have the consolation of the presence of my god. Posted by Wordmobi

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eph.3:19 it ir impossible to completely understand god, whatever the reason for that. yet, it ir possible to be filled with the love of Christ, and Christ’s love. and then, suddenly, all that god is, is understood, and there ir nothing hidden. god groks me, and me groks god. some shortcut Jesus made. Posted by […]

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stones and skeletons

there is this story, about Jesus writing in the sand. there is this story about that woman accused of fornication. the story of the ppl knew what god likes, and what’s correct, right and proper. this is a story about looking for skeletons in closets, sb else’s closets, too. while they carefully search elsewhere, they […]

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wine old and new

in Luke 5:36-39 Jesus tells a story about mending clothes and making wine. maybe it also holds true when we think of human interactions in communities. if one splits up a new community to plant its young leaders in an old community (thinking the best, wishing a revival, hoping for things to move on) the […]

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the bringing back bit

Lamentations 5:21 (NCV) reads Bring us back to you, Lord, and we will return. Make our days as they were before. how does one return to the first love? or – does the first love ever return? i dont know. its just that the memory of ir grows so strong, so unbearable, so overwhelming, that […]

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in the chicken run, the farmer at some point admitted that it was all in his head (see the film for more details). and then i thought – yes, maybe it is really so – it all is in me head. i am imagined, perceived, invented etc. the virtuality is more real sometimes that reality, […]

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sermon on the mount

Matt 5:10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven /NKJV maybe this is why the christians in this country are so intolerant (to the point of persecution) to those that are different or think/feel differently – they want to help those they persecute, to attain heaven.

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Esther and male chauvinism

In the Book od Esther, queen Vashti is banished. …King Xerxes […] gave a banquet for all his important men and royal officers. […]The banquet lasted one hundred eighty days. All during that time King Xerxes was showing off the great wealth of his kingdom and his own great riches and glory. […] Wine was […]

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force and balance

In the Second Book of Kings, Hezekiah is king over Judah. (2. Kings 18: 13- 19:14) His nation is attacked by an overwhelming force of the Assyrians. There are the talks, of course. The enemy commander comes to offer terms. It is interesting that these terms boil down to the following structure: 1. we have […]

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Saul and all that

In the 1st Book of Samuel (12), Saul is made king over Israel. With that sole condition, that both the people and the king ruling over them must obey the commands of the Lord, their God. Though the choice of king instead the Lord is sinful per se, the Lord chooses to stay with his […]

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Samuel, in 1st Samuel, chooses Saul to be king over Israel. And it is interesting to hear that Samuel, the chosen priest, still cannot keep his family in order. Just like his predecessor, he fails to communicate goodwill and obedience to God’s laws to his children. God gives strange comfort to Samuel: it is not […]

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Samuel and lemons

(Why this title? – because I had no other in my mind, and titles is not my specialty) I guess I have reached a record in unslept night of my lifetime. The tale total slept in hours in the last week was 6.4 or thereabout. I have most certainly entered an ASC, and experience most […]

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Mainz. Oder?

Something like that. I am alive, and proicessing too much info at too little time. Will post when I am able to. German makes my head ache. The soul has not come yet, and I cannot sleep at nights. Three (or four?) unslept nights… soon I will have entered that strange state of consciousness where […]

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