īsumā par to, kāpēc ir vērts rakstīt ne pārāk saprotamu dzeju

es norakstu tās atmiņas no sevis nost. ar saulēm un ar sausām (atv)asarām, ar slapjiem puteņiem un vēlām lazdu skarām, un pazaudētiem suņiem, ugunskuriem un noklusētu strīdu, ārpus laika es norakstu tās atmiņas no sevis nost. jo citādi tu mani izlasīsi- kā sēklas, kuŗas izbeŗ pelnos, un dzīves ķirbis pārvērtīsies atspeŗratos un nozags neaizmirsto, aprīs […]

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when cooking, i think of this: of all those people who have packed all those things i use: like today i bought some dried apricots from turkey, and they came in this totally elegant little package, arranged neatly in little rows, beautifully done. i wish i could personally thank those people who do this – probably for […]

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par ikriem un filtrēšanām

un tātad iksestdienas epasta kārtošanas ietvaros, pārskatot spam folderi, konstatēju kaudzi ar piedāvājumiem kristīgam draugam palīdzēt atbrīvot dažādu āfrikas valstu bankās iestrēgušus līdzekļus (nez kāpēc kristīgam, vai tiešām parastie jau ir beigušies?), dažus apgalvojumus par tēmu, ka man piešķirti ciknutur dolāri saviesīgām kazino aktivitātēm, vēl pāris neklasificējamus gļukus… un šo:

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text happens when humans try to make meaning. whatever the meaning is of, whoever the receiver or transmitter be. all meaning is constructed, all meaning has multiple segments; all meaning is biased, both culturally and personally. i think i will go back to rabbanus maurus from here. then continue with aquinas. then move on to […]

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par kaijām runājot

lūk. beidzot enerģijas dzēriens pilnīgi trakajiem. dizains brīnišķīgs. garša… kā jau tādiem dzērieniem. par nožēlošanu jāsaka- ražots austrijā pēc lietuviešu pasūtījuma latvijas tirgum. vienīgais trūkums, vai ne? (man šo mašīnā rakstot, blakus stūrējošais zvērs paziņoja, ka pirmā pazīme, ka zaurs ir pamodies, esot, ka zaurs sāk blogot. lol.) Posted by Wordmobi

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a little bit of closeups

well. i like the seeing of the picture… i’m just too bad at photography. and i have some prejudices, like avoiding taking pictures of humans, and totally abhorring  pictures being  taken of my precious self. i think photos remove parts of my soul, and it hurts. and i think i have the right, same as any other tribesperson, […]

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when a body is voiceless, and will remain so for the rest of this week (aargh, and what shall i do at work, pray?), a skypedown is something of a tragedy. of course i can use my notepad for communication in an eye-to-eye situation, or do some mime, but my handwriting is … mmm.. well, […]

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and suddenly, it is june. the greens have become saturated, the young crows learn to climb trees, and eventually to fly squeakingly, kittens romp in courtyards next to their dejected fierce mothers, students complain of too much to do all of a sudden, teachers collapse quietly, lilac blossoms, drowning out the stench or the rowans. […]

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a reason for joy

it seems, i have the coolest research group in the whole of the third year (and i can say this also about the ba paper writing people too). everyone an individual with unique properties, creative and  thinking out of the box. they are also friendly and kindly listen to all the nonsense i try to tell […]

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it was a word-game, initially. then i considered it, and it was true to some extent. people do move through the world like they were tanks: heavily armoured on the outside, vulnerable on the inside. i often do, and i have met others of the armoured division, too. then i had nothing particular to do […]

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the judgement

today i accidentally (i normally do not do this, as there are better things to do) stumbled upon one of the major latvian language newspapers (relatively major and relatively newspaper, more of yellow press sort of thing), diena, and it had this headline (here and below, all translations mine) on the front page: “Why this […]

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skype smileys that should have been there but were not, what a pity

… [22:39:00] /me: (bootfly) [22:39:15] E.Z.: (facepalm) [22:40:13] /me: (throwfish) [22:41:05] E.Z.: (takeanevasiveactionregardinallthrownobjects) [22:42:11] /me: (wallintheway) [22:42:41] E.Z.: (hittrollwithanaxe) [22:42:58] /me: (dropbricksrightonhead) [22:43:15] E.Z.: (putbucketonhead) [22:45:18 /me: (slidebrickstothebottom) [22:46:03] E.Z.: (shoutthisisspartanotsomekindoftetris) [22:46:24] /me: (buckettetris) …

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‘what is your favourite font,’ she asked me once. i looked at her for a while. ‘depends for what,’ i said cautiously. ‘what do you mean, it depends,’ she was puzzled, ‘don’t you just have a favourite font?’ and so i looked through my database of fonts. and yes, i have a favourite font – for […]

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es gribu nepalikt – kā krītot satrūd koki. es gribu pārvērsties, no zemes – zemē aiziet. un tālāk – nepalicis, nenoturēts, nesasaistīts gars, liesma, malduguns, viens acumirklīgs dzīves stars no gaismas – gaismā nozib.

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moon in my bed. and i must say again, either her or me. so…her, probaly. whatever is left of me, crawls in a miserable ball out of the reach of the moon, and listens to the little ginger kitten rioting in the corridor. after tomorrow, i will go to see my mother. if the roads […]

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into the sunset

šon saruna skaipā. piedalās trīs dažādu gada gājumu cilvēki. =================================== s.b.: man sāk nepaatikt politika un tiesības a.z. Kā priekšmets, vai kā mūsu valstī? 🙂 s.b.: tieši kā mūsu valstī a.z. Nu, tad jārīkojas, jāmeklē līdzīgi domājošie, jāformulē, kas nepatīk un kā to novērst un jāizmanto savas tiesības ietekmēt politiku s.b.: nu jā..bet tāpatās tas […]

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the writing tones

and then the solar kitten said: me can write only with tones of tea and food and sweet things. and i thought – what tones do i write with? i write with tones of dusk, and coffee with cinnamon and ginger, and vodka, and roast meat. and then there are days when i write with […]

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the egret

this is it. i finally have an e-book reader. it looks cute, and is functional, and light, and thin, and reads almost anything that does not run away. i called it egret. because it feels like that.  mmm… of course egrets might get offended, but they are my favourite birds of contemplation anyway. now, to […]

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between christmas and the new year – in this dark and snowy season, in this season of long nights and brief days, i think of those people i have met. some of them will move on out of my life, and i of theirs, to continue our separate ways. with some of them i will […]

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time to hit one’s head

after three classes, one tutorial and 3 hours of reading essays and 2 hours of reading student research papers, i feel a definite feeling. rofl. i feel… aargh, i don’t know what i feel. i must feel, once i am writing about it…or maybe not. my head hurts. my head not only hurts, but also […]

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