Cattle Express and mathematics

one’s gotta love the book. i hope it is published in eng, too. plz, publish it in eng. it is mind-blowing “.. neither way of looking at the sonata is wrong. Yes, it’s a beautiful, evolving piece of music, and yes, it’s this giant time-less chord. With Fourier analysis, you move between the two ways […]

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four more nebula books

some time ago, i decided to read through all the books that have been awarded the nebula – which is a high honour in the sci-fi world. now, there are four books left. i have had an exciting journey through perceptions and worlds, and humanity. i almost feel like the protagonist of joe haldeman’s camouflage…someone watching […]

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a little bit of a book challenge

i finally have it – a list of books to read parallel to my random ramblings in the fantasy fiction. (re-)reading the Nebula award winner books in chronological order. might be fun. the list is here, and a special little shelf in goodreads is in place, too. give me my ship of shining steel, give […]

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evil never falls alone

the balrog* falls from the bridge in moria to its doom, and gandalf falls with it. the evil never falls alone. it always – always takes the good down with it. and then for a moment the good is down, and the evil is gone. it is in those moments, that hope becomes the frailest. […]

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the egret

this is it. i finally have an e-book reader. it looks cute, and is functional, and light, and thin, and reads almost anything that does not run away. i called it egret. because it feels like that.  mmm… of course egrets might get offended, but they are my favourite birds of contemplation anyway. now, to […]

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could not have guessed

this thought is really neat. contradictory to what it says about the universe and things in it. Besides being complicated, reality, in my experience, is usually odd. It is not neat, not obvious, not what you expect.[..]Reality, in fact, is usually something you could not have guessed. That is one of the reasons I believe […]

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gospel-centered life

just finished the fist reading of  The Gospel-centered Life by Bob Thune&Will Walker, World Harvest Ministries, and for once i have to say that this is an extremely well-conceived, challenging and perfectly planned study guide to a number of  key-concepts, practices and theology in your everyday christian life.

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he..converted aeronautically challenged birds into puffs of dropping feathers.. Bill Bryson. A Short History of Nearly Everything Posted by Wordmobi

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noklausījos grāmatu the shack

starp citu, kā latviski var nosaukt uz ātru roku uzceltu ēku, domātu pagaidu dzīvošanai, parasti mežā vai kādā skarbā teritorijā.. Būda? grausts? šķūnis? slietenis? silto zemju vārdi šaizemē neiedzīvojas – pārāk pamatīga ir lv domāšana par mitekļa iespējām un uzdevumiem. tāpēc nepievienošu latvijas konotāciju grāmatas nosaukuma interpretācijai, paturot to pašu amerikānisko – the shack. noklausījos. […]

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oddly true

the person who believes in their own fears, will never meet god. from The Shack by William P. Young Posted by Wordmobi

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Moby Dick – the end

Un tikai es esmu palicis, lai tev to pastāstītu. one called ishmael, uz peldoša zārka vāka, lai pastāstītu, kā tas viss sākās. bet es stāstīšu par to, kā beidzās mans piedzīvojums ar Mobiju Diku. Pēdējās 10 nodaļas laikam pārlasīju reizes 3. Fantasmagoriska, fascinējoša, neiespējama, nakts murgu cienīga, vājprātīga pasaka uz beigām kļuva vēl baisāka, klusāka […]

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crossposted par mobiju diku

epizode 1 Asprātīga manas noskrietās jaunības grāmata, ārprātīga, hroniska, neiespējama. Tāpat kā Zaļā Zeme, ko nebeidz pieminēt bezgalīgas skolnieku paaudzes…kā Mērnieku Laiki un Ziemeļmeita, par ko cilvēkam kāda sajēga parādās tikai pēc tam, kad skrējienā palikt uz vietas kājas pamazām nogurst un no zaudējumiem iegūtais tiek saukts par pieredzi. Un tātad, šīsdienas citāts iz 12 […]

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Rereading Terry Goodkind books once again. Pretty cool and in places quite corresponding to my current mood of… Discovering The Dark Side Of The World. Just hit this: why should a sheep advocate vegetarian lifestyle when the wolf is of a different opinion? Whatever the sheep in question is/might be able to say is incompatible […]

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too crowded

When a place gets crowded enough to require ID’s, social collapse is not far away. It is time to go elsewhere. The best thing about space travel is that it made it possible to go elsewhere. Robert A. Heinlein

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How is this?

And then I read this. “Лесной Царь тебя изувечит.” (Анджела Картер, Кровавая комната) What kind of forest has the writer encountered, to think thoughts like these? I long for the forest that is my home. Shall be a were-lizard, turning into a reptile at full moon, slithering thru vines on the house walls, feeding on […]

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Analysing poetry

And the poet became landscape. His head was a minor knoll, On which his hair rose Like trees in MacBeth. Threatening myriads of readers Who could have settled for less. His neck expanded into a delta Of sinews, runny flesh and slime, Right into the labyrinthine chest Complete with the grid of ribs Like an […]

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Books of my life

I thought this worth considering in unslept nights. Ten (or so) prose books I would not do without. In the order of importance. Or not quite so (excpt.1-4) 1. The Bible (by God&Co) 2. The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien 3. Das Glassperlenspiel by Hesse 4. The Neverending Story by Ende 5. Hitchiker’s Guide […]

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Christmas? Or not?

This year, All the week before christmas is a working-week. I have had no time to think, not speaking of any preparations. Days are spent in the end-of-term mess. Nights are spent correcting the student essays. I sometimes stop and ask myself – when do i live? Do i live? Where? There are those virtual […]

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