your programme is not compatible with certain visual elements i have. shall i readjust my properties? what is your resolution? how many points can you bare? my processor initiates cooler to cope with data overload. maybe some consolidation is necessary, maybe we have to defragment relationships? every eighth crystal in our screen has gone blind.…


i sometimes think that the potato salad spirituality has too much mayonnaise in it. and too little salt. didn’t make any sense, did i?


if you had been wondering why you dont see any crocodiles out and about. they all are hidden real well.

this age

sometimes i wonder what this tells about this age. all credit to the observant wulffmorgenthaler


maybe this is the reason. that ppl dont want the others to be there, to talk to. they r comfortable with htose they have already, those they know. so they make those they dont know, redundant. so much for welcoming in Christs name or whatever. i just thought – maybe this is why the new…