This is how he does it

My ingenious Kat getting out through the kitchen window. I probably have to secure my computer and other electronic things before he secretly takes them over. Advertisements

what else students say

so, here’s the text-interpretation class, and we are talking about a text that has a metaphor of wine tasting as the coherence device. out of the blue comes a “may i ask an offtopic question?” i say “yes” “you have a cat, right?” “two, rather.” “great, have you ever tasted cat food then? my favourite…

king of the mountain

in this, tha Kat and Iroqua are playing King of the mountain. they do this often, and very quietly. the video is of horrible quality, for which i do not apologise – it is intended to emulate the low quality cat videos all over the internet.


this christmas was/is a white and unseasoned season. maybe even bitter, although it does not feel so. it does not feel like anything, really. the snow is crisp. the cold is timely. the moon pours blue light over the silent(ish) city. the room temperature is adequate. when i am not working, doing something practical, i…

she sings

she is a mature queen-cat. her woman died last year, and now she lives in the yard, hiding in the basement, sneaking into corridors, that sort of thing. people of the house feed her rather regularly. she talks to them all the time, but nobody seems to listen. and sometimes she sits on the steps…

the world of linguistic dreams and infiltrations

tonight i dreamed in greek. as this is a language i have learned from books, i do not know what it sounds like. so the little greek letters danced and moved about, making up chunks of text, sometimes understandable, sometimes totally unintelligible. and i thought in my dream – why am i dreaming this? it…

sword-shaped cats

i watched the cats in the yard today, slinking in shadows, ready for anything. and i thought, how much a cat form reminds of a bat’leth, the klingon sword. or maybe the other way round.

what i wanted and what actually happened

i was so angry. because of the empty words people spoke in my classes.  because of the hypothetical situations they built for no apparent reason (to me). because in the “what if…” constructions, neither the “if,” not the “what” carry any meaning. and i wanted to write something caustic about that. and then i came…

some day

it all started yesterday, when the sewage pipe got blocked. (i think this is a brilliant beginning of a horror story, don’t you find?) then the water got cut off. then, in the morning, the water returned, luckily. and then, i was almost in time for the lectures, but the printer broke down, and the…


one of our cats (the one in the pic, where he sleeps on the laundry, as was his custom) got killed by falling snow and ice from the rooftop. now the farm is un-catted, cat-less, bereft of a noble hunter.

the rattlecat

he can, of course, be very quiet. but he usually is not. his steps rattle in the corridor, and this is how i know he walks. forget the cat paws and the mythology of the big softies. yes, he is big, and soft to the touch, but he also has those claws, and he sleeps…


Skatīties Star Trek ar mazu, rūcošu kaķi uz pleca. Kaķim ir interesanti, man arī. Kopīgs prieks.