no fear

the dead have no fear they have left their loves their hope and their glands with the rest of their frames here they have nothing to defend as the living raise voices and hands to sing towards their own end the battle’s been fought the victory or defeat now of no importance they lay down […]

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i like graveyards. i really do. i like the concept of the dead being dead in a solidarity that surpasses any union the living can ever muster. graveyards are the only place in this country that grow. where people return from wherever they have been, to die, to be buried in. i can say i […]

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today, at some point, holding my frame together with sheer willpower, trying to be sociable and coherent, i suddenly realised that all i really wanted, even longed for, was controllable levels of pain . nothing fancy, just that. gee, are my standards deteriorating and ideals imploding. Posted by Wordmobi

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what to do with unicorns

from the student works: then the police asked man: “did you saw the unicorn?” and man answered that he didn’t saw a unicorn. so this is why there are no unicorns left. someone just sawed them. the next saw film, maybe, should be about sawing unicorns?

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Ziedonis and graveyard reform

Imants Ziedonis. Epifānijas. 1978. this is my contribution to this time of traditional latvian whatever they think is proper to do in the graveyards. a translation with some elements of adaptation, on the revelation of then and there, which somehow also is here and now. epiphanies rule. ================= Sometimes I feel graveyards need a reform. […]

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i finally got it. now it seems so logical, really, how come i did not think of this earlier. you see, i’m an incorrigible carnivore. and this is because of all that karma i have gathered in all those previous lives. now by eating meat i head straight for that rainworm status is due to […]

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maybe i should introduce a tag here, entitled ‘ephemeral’. for brothers. for things that just do not seem to last. no, i am not angry or anything, no. just…that feeling of inability to protect and save, to put things right, which is my duty. my remaining bro is in a hospital in the middle of […]

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in my dream, there were two snakes. one was a grass-snake, long and domesticated, openly snaking through the room. the other was a very small and multicoloured but extremely poisonous little worm, trying to jump up to a place they could bite me. they failed, and fell on the floor, and escaped my boot numerous […]

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suddenly got this urge to google the word kryptonite, just to see what i get. and i got, in wikipedia, a whole list of different types of the stuff that never existed. so many ways to kill supermen, poison them, blow them up and so on. i like it. there are so many ways we […]

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the more one strives to learn of their enemy, the more one understands them. and at the moment of full understanding the enemy, one understands that they love them. and at the moment of fully understanding the love for one’s enemy – one kills them. so simple.

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snow enters my dreams

The dead walk in my dreams. This means there will be snow. Actually, there is snow, the ground is white, hence the dead in my dreams. And, yes. In dreams, one can talk to the long dead relatives, and happily coexist (thats the difference from real life). We walked somewhere with the kid. Talked, even. […]

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yesterday, the  police called, to say that they had started an investigation  into my brother’s death. it took them only 3 years to start. i thought i had buried it all. i thought it was all over. but it was not. why the hell does it hurt like that.

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  ievas zied. vai no tam aukstums? mans es noslēpies ievu smaržā, apreibis, nelien laukā. tikai t­āds aukstums nez no kurienes, un sapņos es jau kuŗo reizi vācu gabalus un lieku kopā sava brāļa līķi. un nekas neizdodas, nekas nesanāk, viss vienmēr paliek nepabeidzams, un asiņu garša mutē. kad saule un ievas, un ābeles zied, […]

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A strange answer

Но из моря информации, В котором мы тонем, Единственный выход – это саморазрушенье; The only way out of this sea of information we keep drowning in is self-destruction I was listening to Aquarium at some point, and then this fragment hit me. It most certainly answers some of the weird questions about the post-post-moderns. self-destruction […]

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tell me. really.

Thus, I must be going mad. As soon as I will be mad, I will be free. Or maybe not. I asked the quiz galaxy, when that freedom would come. I received this answer. Death would be another adventure. Unfortunately, life prevents me from it. The Picto-Personality Test You are a person who is very […]

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It is another night of waking memories. I remember. I think soon I will hate this word Re-member. Make it happen again, in one’s mind. See it again, in some sort of inerasable mirror, distorted, yet somewhat true. Assemble anew; feel something you hoped was gone. Re-mem-ber. Clench your teeth and face it. I remember. […]

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Looking at the stars

Today the city sky was unnatural spring blue. White clouds ran thru the windy firmament, looking like young  lambs on a tirquise meadow. [how banal this text does sound, with the trite metaphors and all that] I like latvians. Especially their preparations for festivals. And, most of all – their necrofiliac behaviour during the festivals. […]

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