the writing tones

and then the solar kitten said: me can write only with tones of tea and food and sweet things. and i thought – what tones do i write with? i write with tones of dusk, and coffee with cinnamon and ginger, and vodka, and roast meat. and then there are days when i write with […]

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mistakes un-correctable

’tis autumn. the joys and sorrows of summer slowly pass into oblivion. my head full of handel’s concertos, i stand in the wind among debri of leaves and raindrops. time to remember, time to forget. and suddenly i am aware again, of what it is i remember. and what i forget. i remember books. addresses- […]

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the grey outside is overwhelming. and yet – the imported culture around us seems to proceed at its own pace, through its own seasons, to its own impenetrable end. there is no advent in the consumer vocabulary, no waiting, no end, no celebration of the completion – neither fast nor feast. the consumer society, ever […]

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the leaves fall from trees with a faint noise. the change of season is imminent. the crisp sun-pierced air transcends this world. when the seasons change and the sun illuminates the frost-bitten world, it is time to think of this god-entity has created it all, put all things in order, promised to renew life again […]

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neither spiritual, nor secular life exist. separately. there is only one life- your life, integrated, single, your own. once. yet there are two deaths- that of the body, and that which comes thereafter. the one victorious, will not be touched by the second death. those integrated with/in christ are victorious. Posted by Wordmobi

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of lakes and geese

was reading a post by one entropy(n) about scales and relativity of size and importance. and then i thought – no, not of old albert and relativity, which was certainly not absent from my thought – i actually contemplated variance and difference of purpose, and whether and how it is connected to memory and perception. […]

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stones and skeletons

there is this story, about Jesus writing in the sand. there is this story about that woman accused of fornication. the story of the ppl knew what god likes, and what’s correct, right and proper. this is a story about looking for skeletons in closets, sb else’s closets, too. while they carefully search elsewhere, they […]

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tonight i suddenly understood that my irreversible wish for my body to be cremated after death, and the ashes to be scattered by the lakeside, had two beginnings. first, to become a part of this land after death, to return what belongs to earth, to this earth, fast and irretrievably. second, to have no grave. […]

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two crows in the trees by my window, collecting material for their nest. one of them chooses the twig, gets hold of it with their beak, swings wildly, then breaks it off. the other stares, watchful for any imminent danger could assail two crows on a march morning, in the city where nobody cares. the […]

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snow enters my dreams

The dead walk in my dreams. This means there will be snow. Actually, there is snow, the ground is white, hence the dead in my dreams. And, yes. In dreams, one can talk to the long dead relatives, and happily coexist (thats the difference from real life). We walked somewhere with the kid. Talked, even. […]

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test the Lord

there are places in the Bible that say- test me. test, try, examine the works of the Lord and his promises, try his power and strength, check the results of his words. those are words that created the world, those are the words that sustain this world, that carry this world to its destination. test […]

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