what students write

one of those moments in a teacher’s life. those moments. when the truth is spoken by the lips of the infants. terrible truth, too. from a student’s paper, analysing translation: He (Newmark, 1988) has categorized cultural words in five groups; words related to: Ecology; Material culture (food, clothes, transport, etc.) Social culture (work and leisure); Organisations, […]

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why komodo dragon exists

the past three weeks or so have not been the best part of my life by far, and that is, in itself, an understatement. but then again, aided by fried meat (with onions), some decent drink and a friend who knows little of the lizard world, i came to a solution. yes, the komodo dragon. […]

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under mountains of test papers, i make a tiny little cave  for unexpected survival in a world full of too many words and too many sorrows

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academic nightmares

thus there is this dream: there are course descriptions like little boats floating in the air. and then there comes a leaviathan, a white whale (like moby dick in the film), and jumps, and eats them. and i wake up in horror. ——————— parallel to the course description revision, i read. currently – rereading the […]

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one of those things, apparently

so, i have finished grading the exam in, what a student accidentally called in a private email to me, hystery of english. it is rather a hilarious subject, as everyone might guess, full of surprises for sure. today i was looking through the result analysis, and stumbled upon the simple question “who compiled the Oxford […]

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so. watching Kuroshitsuji – re-watching it actually, a beautiful story. and this came to my mind (i did check with google scholar) – how about checking out representations of victorian england in anime, or comparing Kuroshitsuji to the Remains of the day. might make an interesting research paper. for those that understand anime, that is.

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quote of the day

i have almost finished grading the history of english homework (173 students, 6 pages each)…the gulls (see previous post) do not talk to me any more. they are perplexedly silent, even at night. i have no wings, and, probably, no brain left to imagine any. hence the quote of the day – from one of […]

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that’s it

the gulls are talking to me again – in the morning, and in the stillness of night. the gulls talk to me again through the darkness. they talk so much, they talk inside, they make my essence flow through yours, they make us both go into faraway dreams. the gulls are talking to me again, […]

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inappropriately online

yesterday i read … how many? … too many papers. the month of may has begun, and the crop of raw papers is coming home to be winnowed and whetted into some shape. so i fell asleep on my keyboard in the middle of a paper. i woke up four-o-clock-ish. on the keyboard, or almost. […]

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quote of the day

there is a reason why the ancient bards died out. it was the training, according to one of my students. Bardic training formed the core of druidic teaching. The future bards had to learn raw poems, at least three hundred and fifty stories and study poetic form and grammar. (from an unpublished, and unpublishable BA paper […]

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a reason for joy

it seems, i have the coolest research group in the whole of the third year (and i can say this also about the ba paper writing people too). everyone an individual with unique properties, creative and  thinking out of the box. they are also friendly and kindly listen to all the nonsense i try to tell […]

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beset by nightmares

no, i do not understand. i will write a more complete analysis maybe later. or not at all, because it does not matter. the annual crisis of imagination is at its fullest. on the other hand, if people think they can go on being plain stupid, i will not hinder them.

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i am that i am, no more, no less

had one of those talks… where one can only be amazed at how there is nothing but appearances, where demanding equals cruel and love is perceived by having no requirements. or so it seemed. and the question- in the talk – ‘ you must understand that we have not read all those books’, it really got […]

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yesterday, i had this encounter (wrote it down because it was so..miserable) in the corridor, on my way to staffroom. i still have no idea about the name of the student, thus dramatis personae are these: teacher – yours truly; student: that anonymous ungrammatical life-form. In the corridor. (an encounter with disastrous results) Student (with […]

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i must be going nuts

from a student’s paper “Peculiarly in the fairy tale production of goods is rather small and it is met rarely. Thus, agriculture plays a minimal role in the fairy tale. In contrast to agriculture hunting is reflected more often in this genre of folklore. For example, plough and sow are usually met in the beginning […]

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a perfect way

.. At work people are pressured, sometimes even annoyed by their colleagues and/or boss to the point when they would like to throw things at them or strangle them, but when they come home, they do not need to pass on their negations to their family because they can simply play a game to release […]

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madness at work

beloved university is the glitchiest place in the universe. the top dogs dont do what they supposed, and the rest are thereby put in tight corners. i am tired of re-planning the lecture schedules for the fifth time in a run, just because some freak upstairs (like the dean) has forgotten a blasted course or […]

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