chiling out

capture thembetween your thumb and forefingerroll carefully,not breaking the skinto loosen the insides thenremove the stemand slap them on to the boardpress firmly, keep themflat and unmoving,andusing you preferred weapon(I myself use santoku)slice their long conical bodies opento remove their potentialor leave the flat dangerous seedswith the bodywhich you will sliceand diceand toss into your […]

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garlic cucumbers

the time is ripe for first garlic cucumbers. my friend Iveta told me this recipe. it works marvellously. 4 kg cucumbers 2 tbsp crushed garlic 200g sugar (12 tbsp) 100g salt (6 tbsp) 1 glass vinegar 9% 1 glass vegetable oil 1 tbsp black pepper cut the cucumbers into quarters lengthwise, then in halves, mix […]

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funeral coffee

the kitchen is ever dark, and cold, and cave-like, and sombre. starting the fire, on gas or in the cooking range. the quiet determinism of those present in the house for the morning. the smell of sadness, the unspoken collectiveness of all people waiting. the setting-up of the pots, the pouring of water, the measuring […]

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a little thought of food

i put to you this, o plant eaters if you eat plants because you think that thus you will not enslave animals, or bring them to death, or you will support the animals in the wild, think of this: 1. what do the plants eat? especially the plants consumed as food by humans. manure. compost. […]

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beans and curry and tomatoes

i got really tired of the many ways of cooking potatoes, and went for something more aggressive. this is what the result was: kidney beans in tomato-curry sauce serves: approximately 4 or very hungry 3, or not-so hungry 6  you will need: 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 5cm diameter or 1 10 cm diameter onion/s, […]

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lunch tenses

in “A Scandal In Belgravia”, Irene Adler texts Sherlock Holmes with words: I am not dead. Let’s have lunch and i thought: how elegant. ans i also thought that food, just like verbs, has tenses. the past of lunch is vegetables and raw meat. the future of vegetables and raw meat is a meal. that kind […]

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when cooking, i think of this: of all those people who have packed all those things i use: like today i bought some dried apricots from turkey, and they came in this totally elegant little package, arranged neatly in little rows, beautifully done. i wish i could personally thank those people who do this – probably for […]

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so, let’s see about a kilo of beef about a kilo of quite soft tomatoes about 1/3 kg carrots 2 large red bell peppers 2 large onions 4 cloves garlic – all sliced, chopped or whateverly done 3-4 tblsp tomato paste 1 tblsp ajika water and salt to taste cut the beef, fry it up […]

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just so

tomato sandwiches. with a touch of black pepper and a pinch of salt. heaven of taste. maybe this is why it was worth it, to discover america.

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