flowery language

let’s walk a camomile, you and I,avoiding violets, trying onfoxgloves, listening to bluebells. and when we cowslip, let’s nettlethe random memories daisy;then knapweed a little. and grinding cornflower, wemight mullein the good gracesand accept a buttercup,meadowsweetened for those who primrose. our loosestrife might campionthe burnet times beyondand we’d selfheal, thyme moving ontill we grow sage […]

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what students say

so i am sitting in the class, where the students have to prepare and present a news report about anything they found interesting. and so there is this girl reading hers. what i hear, is “scientists have discovered a cloak which they called the curse of the gays…” so i walk up to her to look […]

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random fact

i dream in code. this time it is php and variants of html. i organise my dream sequences, using CSS. i wake up with a New paragraph (<span></span>) aargh.

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how linden trees give names

they (the linden trees) are gnarled and crabby, and craggy, and at least a hundred years old. we (the people) are crabby and smooth, and the wrong shape, and too quick to die. they observe us when we come within their range of perception. they think slowly, arboreally. they write their observations into their time-lines […]

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the joy of marking exams

this year’s undoubted best phrase from an Early New English text analysis: Old Nordic droppings of the [e] were very popular in ENE maybe the Old Nordics were sth like huge horse-like critters who kept excreting sounds. i would not put it past them, either. and then this Middle English was finished because Am[e]rica was […]

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and so here is the dream: in my dream, i sleep, and beryl the cat sleeps next to me in three columns, justified. with a little quotation in a frame somewhere in the middle of the page. to the music of “erbarme dich’ from st. Matthew’s passion by Bach. … illustrious.

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bez pieturzīmēm

es gribu betona kluci baznīcas kalnā kur rakstīt grafiti un dīvainus vārdus atļauties garāmgājēju acīs tādu lielu, pelēku kluci trīs dimensijās kur uzkrāsot domas un klusumu atstāt ļaužu skrējiena malās

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a game of creating simulacra that are beautiful and totally useless, but give one some aesthetic pleasure

since the beginning of november i have been – occasionally, but sleeplessly – playing a game called ‘let’s create pottery’ on my phone. i like the way things can be created and sent off into the nothingness with a faint hope that it is not nothingness. this is a game of creation of true and […]

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this year summarily

for a few years already, inspired by my dear entropija, i publish a post containing first sentences of each month of the year. and so 2013 january the beginning i remember this song from when i was just a beginner pilgrim, not that i have moved very far from there now. february kā reizēm gadās […]

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guvernante diversante

Fragments no tulkojamās grāmatiņas. Skat. arī pievienoto video. Devītā nodaļa …Ada paskatījās uz augšu. Tumšā figūra viegli nolēca no margām uz kāpņu laukumiņa. Jaunā guvernante pastiepa baltu roku, ko Ada paspieda. Roka bija ledus aukstumā. “Priecājos jūs satikt,’ teica Ada. “Vari saukt mani par Lūciju,” teica guvernante. “Ceru, ka mēs kļūsim draugi.” Ada nedroši pasmaidīja […]

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lost in translation

greetings, all. i hereby announce that i am not at home, and not in the internet, and not somewhere else. i am lost in translation of the goth girl and the ghost of a mouse the fun is fascinating. i still cannot walk about too much, so no harm done. ah yes. i like the […]

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