one more of those things. probably sb really likes this cat, regardless of its temper, behaviour, size and other features.

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power games

this makes me angry. people who are unable to solve their own power games, manipulations and stupidity. i am not interested in who puts what flowers on my mother’s grave. or who removes the wilted flowers therefrom. i am not interested in family feuds. and, blast it, i am not interested in family manipulations. and […]

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academic nightmares

thus there is this dream: there are course descriptions like little boats floating in the air. and then there comes a leaviathan, a white whale (like moby dick in the film), and jumps, and eats them. and i wake up in horror. ——————— parallel to the course description revision, i read. currently – rereading the […]

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one of those things, apparently

so, i have finished grading the exam in, what a student accidentally called in a private email to me, hystery of english. it is rather a hilarious subject, as everyone might guess, full of surprises for sure. today i was looking through the result analysis, and stumbled upon the simple question “who compiled the Oxford […]

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i like graveyards. i really do. i like the concept of the dead being dead in a solidarity that surpasses any union the living can ever muster. graveyards are the only place in this country that grow. where people return from wherever they have been, to die, to be buried in. i can say i […]

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quote of the day

i have almost finished grading the history of english homework (173 students, 6 pages each)…the gulls (see previous post) do not talk to me any more. they are perplexedly silent, even at night. i have no wings, and, probably, no brain left to imagine any. hence the quote of the day – from one of […]

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summer in this country consists of those few days of hellish rainless heat when the rain of spring is just over, but the rain of autumn has not started yet. when you do not freeze or soak, you melt. which is like soaking, only in reverse.

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when a body is voiceless, and will remain so for the rest of this week (aargh, and what shall i do at work, pray?), a skypedown is something of a tragedy. of course i can use my notepad for communication in an eye-to-eye situation, or do some mime, but my handwriting is … mmm.. well, […]

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zeitgeist, in a peculiar fashion

when you apologise to sign-posts for bumping into them while walking and reading a book on your mobile device; when you try to unlock your office with your flat keys; when instead of ‘yes’, you say ‘acceptable’; when you set deadline instead of alarm on your clock; when essays are measured in kilograms, not in […]

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inappropriately online

yesterday i read … how many? … too many papers. the month of may has begun, and the crop of raw papers is coming home to be winnowed and whetted into some shape. so i fell asleep on my keyboard in the middle of a paper. i woke up four-o-clock-ish. on the keyboard, or almost. […]

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quote of the day

there is a reason why the ancient bards died out. it was the training, according to one of my students. Bardic training formed the core of druidic teaching. The future bards had to learn raw poems, at least three hundred and fifty stories and study poetic form and grammar. (from an unpublished, and unpublishable BA paper […]

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today i thought this: had god  any feet, he’d probably wear keds. just because keds means non-conformity, freedom and some independence. and in keds one can walk quietly, and feel the path, and be protected. ironically, the only god i have ever known, is invisible and i cannot check what he wears.

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april begins

thus: the [insert country name here] scientists have carried out extensive research to determine where to find the greatest concentrations of vitamins. they have an answer! it is the local chemist’s. smile. the fools’ day is once a year, and we must be with the fools. because the fools are with us the remaining 364 days […]

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it was a word-game, initially. then i considered it, and it was true to some extent. people do move through the world like they were tanks: heavily armoured on the outside, vulnerable on the inside. i often do, and i have met others of the armoured division, too. then i had nothing particular to do […]

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interpreter’s nightmares

last night i had this dream. one of my interpreter colleagues asks me to pair him at a conference at the uni for simultaneous interpretation. unfortunately, i also have to present a paper there, a complication, no more. so, i turn up, with full text of my paper in both languages, all set for interpreting. […]

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pockets that mean much

going on with lists. i accidentally tried to estimate the weight of my jeans. it was over 3 kiloes. then i took out the things from the pockets. there were 8 pockets, and the belt-knife. thus: lower right-hand-side inner pocket a whiteboard marker wallet lower right-hand-side outer pocket a spyglass (for birds and ppt presentations) […]

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