there might be books about this, but summarily

to be latvian means to know your pitch from your fork, to speak a tongue designed for woods and fields, it means to have so much history that the present stops and goes backward, the future reiterating the pasts. to be latvian is to be aware


so, here i am, reclining in my bed after a day of, well, let us call them events. having checked essays and other student not-so-creative writing till 2 AM, i got up at 7:30, did some hectic running about the house and breakfasting, and then got to the shower at about 8. and then i…

a girl’s best friends

they say, are diamonds. or at least that is how the song goes (i really enjoyed this trio, as the clip sort of reveals the predator nature of the so-called prey really well and cynically):

epic yet again

dear diary, we have not talked for some time, and here i am, all the same. so, i had this … encounter with snow-covered ice and concrete on sunday.

because of all the previous posts, now this:

Q: How many academic types does it take to change a light bulb? A: Choose one: It depends on the study that you consult. What kind of lightbulb? One to measure the household voltage, one to determine the alternating current frequency, one to determine the right kind of lightbulb based on the voltage and frequency,…

the perfect suspense and antithesis

one of my all-time favourite writers, Douglas Adams, explained the essential existential things succinctly, thus: “We are the ones who will hear,” said Phouchg, “the answer to the great question of Life …!” “The Universe …!” said Loonquawl. “And Everything …!” “Shhh,” said Loonquawl with a slight gesture, “I think Deep Thought is preparing to…

the ninth of may…oh-oh

today i spent considerable time travelling through riga. because it is the ninth of may. and then i thought, this might illustrate the history a little:

the sheer size of it (soo.. the word of today iiiiiiissss…)

CAVE RABBIT* which, apparently lived in caves and was of comparable size to the cave lion and bear. probably either bigger or better armed, as it had to compete for habitat with the carnivores mentioned above. nobody is quite sure of what they ate, and their place in the great food chain of the ice age remains undisclosed. it…

tha diggaz

this night, battling the asthma, i did some thinking of what i have observed in poland and also here, in this city. and this came to my mind’s eye: tha diggaz.  they are exactly that – diggers. they have human shapes of various sizes and height, and are recognisable by the yellowish-green (sometimes up to…

par kaijām runājot

lūk. beidzot enerģijas dzēriens pilnīgi trakajiem. dizains brīnišķīgs. garša… kā jau tādiem dzērieniem. par nožēlošanu jāsaka- ražots austrijā pēc lietuviešu pasūtījuma latvijas tirgum. vienīgais trūkums, vai ne? (man šo mašīnā rakstot, blakus stūrējošais zvērs paziņoja, ka pirmā pazīme, ka zaurs ir pamodies, esot, ka zaurs sāk blogot. lol.) Posted by Wordmobi


when a body is voiceless, and will remain so for the rest of this week (aargh, and what shall i do at work, pray?), a skypedown is something of a tragedy. of course i can use my notepad for communication in an eye-to-eye situation, or do some mime, but my handwriting is … mmm.. well,…


“i’m am alien, anyway,” she said. and i thought, so am i. but then she left, and i had no opportunity to ask, which planet. mine is neptune, just in case (!i). we are semi-crystalline life-forms, mostly telepathic, not particularly gregarious, however, curious to the utmost. we have infiltrated this planet earth, and are studying…


today, at some point, holding my frame together with sheer willpower, trying to be sociable and coherent, i suddenly realised that all i really wanted, even longed for, was controllable levels of pain . nothing fancy, just that. gee, are my standards deteriorating and ideals imploding. Posted by Wordmobi

what i believe* in

new york (i mustn’t stop believing in it or else it will cease to exist) that little invisible virii (viruses) are the cause of the common cold that there are true kiwis that there is a huge sock-eater somewhere in my room (invisibly present) that vegetables talk that my half-empty mug is also half-full that…