what students say

so i am sitting in the class, where the students have to prepare and present a news report about anything they found interesting. and so there is this girl reading hers. what i hear, is “scientists have discovered a cloak which they called the curse of the gays…” so i walk up to her to look […]

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still on the crab spree

the crab spree sorta goes on, but probably the oars of my little metaphoric boat are coming out of the water – or the crabs. consider this: a crocodile is longer than it is green. actually, come to think of it, i have never seen a green croc. they are sort of brownish-grey. but i […]

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quote of the day

there is a reason why the ancient bards died out. it was the training, according to one of my students. Bardic training formed the core of druidic teaching. The future bards had to learn raw poems, at least three hundred and fifty stories and study poetic form and grammar. (from an unpublished, and unpublishable BA paper […]

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a conversation

so i get out to get some food and stop to watch some starlings on their worm-hunt. behind me there is a kid coming from school talking to his grandfather. grampa asks [meaning starlings], ‘what birds are those?’ the kid screams happily, ‘penguins!!’ so much for education these days. (i’d not mind penguins in this […]

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who laughs last. i sometimes have this kind of conversations with my more skype-literate friends over a cup of beverage. see below. Posted by Wordmobi

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it is sometimes a tedious job to look for texts and tasks and possible questions for a bunch of students – in order to help them to see text for what it is – a text that makes the world more probable. but then again, there are those bright moments, like now. and epiphanies and […]

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