echoes of fire

This is my song — with the wee sparrows Persecuting their parents across the car-trodden streets, With the young starlings, coarse And learning to fly in a crow-infested universe; A song made with pink chestnut flowers in southerly wind, Heaping up on street-corners; And an occasional rustle of a brown oak-leaf pinned up by bright […]

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the wind of my dreams

this time the wind in my dream was true again. this is to say goodbye to my uncle Robert. a singer, a genealogist, an expert at breeding sheep. life begins, and life ends – and it is a beautiful journey between. the earth brings forth the seed, and the great tree returns to it when […]

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the dream beverage, essentially

this is the perfect ice coffee. it has no sugar, and the green stuff at the bottom is peppermint syrup. when it is stirred, it assumes the greenish-milk-coffee-ish colour of a hangover morning. it is the perfect drink for this time of rain and ruined midsummer expectations. Chilli Pizza Sigulda rulez. Posted by Wordmobi

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she said, ‘what makes you happy?’ i said, ‘wait a moment, i have to think.’ (because i live my life in different terminology) then i said: ‘i know what makes me happy. it is the presence of my god.’ she said: ‘you are a lucky person, then.’ and then i thought that happiness is something […]

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so far

my room looks bare without timothy the cat. nobody attacks me unexpectedly. nobody is discovered sleeping on the printer. nobody catches moths. and it is so quiet now. creepy. timothy the cat has found a great place at my parents’ and is enjoying his situation and station immensely. he even is kind to my mother […]

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