Valuable lessons of today:

1. Olives and coffee poor breakfast make. 2. I hate lists. 3. Tautology is a weapon of mass destruction. 4. Praise God for apples. 5. When the cat is wet, it rains outside. Or is raining. Or has been. 6. I totally dislike the stickiness of summer. It gives me the creeps. The cats agree.

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the artistic licence

this is the time of post-truth. my head does not get around that notion very well. then, of course, should it, once it is the time of emotions. and so after some rumination and deliberation and suchlike, both for the purposes of exercise and clarity, here i am making a short list of what might be […]

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things taken for granted

watching my fav cat play crazily with the blankets, this came to my mind: there are things taken for granted, which are exactly that – granted. just as they are granted, so can they be taken away, or lost. and then i tried to make a list: ability to play ability to be surprised ability […]

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summer vacation plans

*besides** growing tomatoes, taking care of the cat and some hiking in the forests **in addition to translating two books – The Cattle Express by Tom Crosshill and the Goth Girl and a Fete Worse than Death by Chris Riddell

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one knows the spring is here, because a) geese are flying northbound in formation b) first year and second year students are prone to rambling and daydreaming c) third and fourth year students turn up with all sorts of missed papers and questions d) people look suddenly happier in streets e) all the academic colleagues […]

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to-do list

you know the usual – planting the tree, having a son and harming a snake thing? things that should be achieved in a lifetime, for the lifetime to ‘tick off’, to have happened? here goes a little list: plant a thought and see it grow in someone else’s attitude build a tree of relationships collapse […]

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when you try to turn a page on your coffee-mug, and take a sip from your e-reader; when you press a word on a paper book, and wonder why the inbuilt dictionary does not work; when you ask for a manual or communication protocols to talk to a friend; when you think of restarting your […]

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autumn lists

specifically blue sky clouds who cannot decide whether to fly or rip up in thunder smells of chill in the air plums and a few stray pears birds flocking for migration gladiolus swords in the hands of the first grade kids potato digging desperate teachers a sort of transparent sadness stray leaves turning tail sunglasses […]

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what i have on my zen player

Inspired by Zarina on design clash blog, i thought – why not? so, what’s on my creative zen player? music Ella FitzGerald –  Duke Ellington’s songbook Peter, Paul and Mary – Lemon Tree Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort Music There were Three Ravens All The King’s Horses – Knights, poets &lovers 2 albums of Apokaliptica Chinese […]

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what i believe* in

new york (i mustn’t stop believing in it or else it will cease to exist) that little invisible virii (viruses) are the cause of the common cold that there are true kiwis that there is a huge sock-eater somewhere in my room (invisibly present) that vegetables talk that my half-empty mug is also half-full that […]

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pockets that mean much

going on with lists. i accidentally tried to estimate the weight of my jeans. it was over 3 kiloes. then i took out the things from the pockets. there were 8 pockets, and the belt-knife. thus: lower right-hand-side inner pocket a whiteboard marker wallet lower right-hand-side outer pocket a spyglass (for birds and ppt presentations) […]

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things i don’t believe

that children are innocent that to be good is natural that one can hate reading that mathematics is awful that womens’ magazines talk of reality that fantasy (literature) is not true that doves are peaceful that spring be time of joy that computers have no common sense that geese are silly that mass media educate […]

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