when life gives you Kora…

Sekou Kouyate, concert in VEF Kultūras pils on March 7, 2019 Briefly. I have had Sekou Kouyate on my Spotify West African playlist for some time already. And then there was this almost sunny day in mid-February when walking by the National Library, I walked into a poster advertising his concert in Riga. I had […]

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not raining too much

tremor. black fingers extend from hands broken at the end of dark arms, limbs, crowded by fallen leaves, unattached, doomed to flopping along as the wind sings, threshing the empty floors. again. beat black fingers from broken hands against the dark limbs outstretched onto the pale mists sheathing silent moonrays. Once more. faintly grow into […]

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not out of tune

there is a strong undercurrent in creation stories. it insists that God created the world by singing. and all that is, visible and invisible, was contained in that singing. (of course, the best ever description of that was made by the old Professor Tolkien in his Silmarillion) and even now, incomplete and dissonant as we are, […]

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god’s table is long, and all souls have a place at it. but it is by our giving, that those tables become so long. so… share.

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melodious monday

for whatever reason, this crept to the surface of my mind, maddened by metaphors (and the rest of the stylistic analysis nomenclature): the sound is a little tinny, but the spirit is captured perfectly.

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Silmariliona – Ainulindalē

A fragment of an attempt to recreate the ainulindale in the latvian language (this is for and onto you, dear dormouse). comments and suggestions are welcome. J. R. R. Tolkīns Silmariliona – Ainulindalē Ainuru mūzika Un bija Eru, kas Viens, uz Ardas saukts Ilūvatars; un iesākumā viņš radīja ainurus, svētajus – tie dzima no viņa domām, […]

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one – an event and a promise

by pure serendipity (i have really wanted to use this word in a text for some time, and here it is) i was a witness to the performance of this oratorio in the new st. gertrude’s tonight, by an excellent latvian choir, exquisite orchestra and fabulous, fabulous soloists (sergejs jēgers’ singing just blew the top […]

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midsummer memories

midsummer has come, and gone, like every year. they say, the summer has started. isn’t it funny, summer starting at midsummer? but this post is not about that. i actually do not know what it is about, lol. maybe, about memories. not  particularly about actual midsummers, rather about… yes… hmm.. the theme of this post is […]

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that’s it

the gulls are talking to me again – in the morning, and in the stillness of night. the gulls talk to me again through the darkness. they talk so much, they talk inside, they make my essence flow through yours, they make us both go into faraway dreams. the gulls are talking to me again, […]

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just a song

today, accidentally, i stumbled across this (see below). the accident was caused by a discussion of the meaning of the word combination “aloha ‘oe”, which, it turns out, can mean plenty of things. i liked the story of the song , too.

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the fir needles tremble under the onslaught of organ. this is how we see the sound frequency. this is how we know there’s organ nearly. the noise hides it otherwise.

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Music, especially church music, especially one instrument, organ, sometimes becomes the much-neglected idol of the modern church-space. I read the signs of a true church – biblically, where two or three are together in Jesus’ name, he is among them. or: One faith, one Baptism, one God and Father of all. In Augsburg Confession, VII, […]

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A strange answer

Но из моря информации, В котором мы тонем, Единственный выход – это саморазрушенье; The only way out of this sea of information we keep drowning in is self-destruction I was listening to Aquarium at some point, and then this fragment hit me. It most certainly answers some of the weird questions about the post-post-moderns. self-destruction […]

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On nights like these, i listen to old Bach. That music has a way through one’s soul. Especially through one’s soul. I do not long for the sublime. No. Bach is… A breath, a sense of presence here on earth. Time to wash up.

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