wind in the reeds, or is it reeds in the wind

wind makes music by ages old recipe, and i read her shadow, standing between the light and the blackness, within fire, and not outside the permafrost, shadow, written of half-recollected chunks of what my blood has been way back when i was no more. wind cuts the reeds in palpable swaths and they crackle into…


wind gusts breach my window. again i think of the lost souls confused by streetlamps in their navigation.

i had a dream (purely linguistic)

so, i had a dream. about a linguistic process that is called actualisation of meaning in this process, from all the potential meanings of a word or phrase, depending on the context, only a few are actualised – become active and known. so, the dream. there were pieces of multi-layered cakes. there was a huge tower of ice-cream, also…

bird-cherry nights

like a soundless party upstairs, the bitter-sweet fragrance creeps into my dreams, perfectly blending in, subtly turning the stream of subconscious in a stranger  route, and i, asleep, watch the white and the magic dance, twine, grow and then – nothing, as the wind changes, and the nightingale bubbles and gurgles the sun awake.

all through the night

when the moon dives for the horizon, i slowly infest my bed, sprawling in every direction, anchoring every little tendril, every tentacle firmly, so that i will not be budged, not again, on this tossing and turning sea of sleep. —————————- and i dream thus:  

when night invisibly becomes early morning

my dearest wolfie inspired this in her post. a wonderful little quiz with fine illustrations… i’m not sure this does apply to me 100%, but he sure is my favourite character. 🙂 Если вы отвечали на все вопросы то, что в голову приходило, значит вы – Снусмумрик Путешественник, музыкант, одиночка. Принимает как данность то, что…

eyes of flame

and so i was walking tonight, and i felt it. someone looking at me. and i looked round to see, who. and i saw her. up in a lilac tree. tried out my nokia c6-01 camera in night setting with a flashlight. not the best, not too bad. eyes of flame, indeed.

the moon is full in the storm sky

the radio warned of storm, and how ppl are not advised to approach trees, and how everyone should watch out and all that. i talked to the great old birch-tree at the bus stop, and he seemed to be unperturbed, either by the radio, or by the rising wind. and the moon was right rising,…

interpreter’s nightmares

last night i had this dream. one of my interpreter colleagues asks me to pair him at a conference at the uni for simultaneous interpretation. unfortunately, i also have to present a paper there, a complication, no more. so, i turn up, with full text of my paper in both languages, all set for interpreting.…