the beginning

i remember this song from when i was just a beginner pilgrim. not that i have moved very far from there now. things have become…different since then. i have more knowledge and less courage. some of the translucence of the first steps has been lost. some steady peace has been gained. and yet – his […]

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that look

if there is a loving god, and we do get access to his love, and thus act based on and proceeding from this love and acceptance, the world becomes more perfect. and then, if it turn out that there be no god, we still have the love and have made the world around us a […]

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i know that my deliverer liveth, and on the last day i shall behold him, my saviour and my love. this or similar is what job said so long ago. when i listen to christ promise a place, an abode, a home to those are with him, i know that just as he lives, so […]

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Aglona 09, day 0

There was the noise. Of the city to be left behind, of the road taken, of the denizens at the point of destination. There was the road. Very scenic in the afternoon light, all in ripe shades of gold, green, cocoa and blue. The fields to be reaped. The storks to be admired ar they […]

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