thanks, wolfie

this is cool. i might start the next term with this. (and yes, i use no capital for ‘i’ – so did e.ecummings, and it is poetic licence)

a mute song, of searching: happy mother’s sunday, mothers

a song about muteness. one of those songs. they say it has been voted among the best latvian songs ever (well, up to 2009, at least, and i am sure nothing has changed since). here it goes. the translation is a little awkward, and the rhyme is lost mostly. sorry for that. The sky above me…

memories – or maybe false

a song about how life is like a ball of yarn, made from that one single moment of truth, that one meeting, that one memory, around which all else rests. and that sometimes the making of the ball becomes far more important than the moment in the centre.

translation attempts

this one is almost the most brilliant song of all i have ever heard. here, my faint attempt at translation to latvian (see below) . the eng version – one of them – here. Es žēlastības pasargāts un svētīts – viss pārējais ir pēkšņi nesvarīgs; Dievs ir ar mums no vakara līdz rītam, Viņš mūs…

one song about riches (what cannot be taken away)

one of songs of experience (no reference to william blake here). one of the songs i really could not dig when i was, probably, having the experiences mentioned here. i still have them, of course. (translation of the lyrics below) I am rich – I own all that has ever happened to me.// The hours…