this month will have changes in it. i am changing my habitat to the more urban Sarkandaugava. i am sorry for the birds, i’ll miss them, and i’m sure they’ll miss me i am not sorry for the people of the flat i rented the room in. let them [eat] drink and [make merry] fight, […]

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a little bit about birds and gardens

this is a translation from “Dīvainā karaļvalsts” (The strange kingdom) by J. Rubenis. i kinda found it a little bit inspiring. especially the bird part. PUTNU SARUNA Reiz divi putni pils dārzā savā starpā sarunājās. “Bruņinieks saprot putnu valodu un ir nelaimīgs, jo viņš arī grib būt putns,” teica viens. “Vērojot putnus, viņš ir iemācījies […]

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apparently it is an addiction

apparently, translation has some features of addiction about it. because i am doing it again. it looks like i am embarking upon a translation of wizard’s first rule by Terry Goodkind. it is one of the really cool books of the past century. regardless of what some people who do not read might say. and also, i will be watching the […]

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midsummer memories

midsummer has come, and gone, like every year. they say, the summer has started. isn’t it funny, summer starting at midsummer? but this post is not about that. i actually do not know what it is about, lol. maybe, about memories. not  particularly about actual midsummers, rather about… yes… hmm.. the theme of this post is […]

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how all the complex things strive for simplicity, and the simple cannot be called primitive

looking into the quiet white night full of fragrances, looking at the wild-roses, i think. i think of plants. and i think in rhetorical questions. the worshippers of progress write in their books that plants are primitive. they do not move, and they do not talk, or do any of the things the ‘sophisticated’ or […]

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tha diggaz

this night, battling the asthma, i did some thinking of what i have observed in poland and also here, in this city. and this came to my mind’s eye: tha diggaz.  they are exactly that – diggers. they have human shapes of various sizes and height, and are recognisable by the yellowish-green (sometimes up to […]

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what i have on my zen player

Inspired by Zarina on design clash blog, i thought – why not? so, what’s on my creative zen player? music Ella FitzGerald –  Duke Ellington’s songbook Peter, Paul and Mary – Lemon Tree Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort Music There were Three Ravens All The King’s Horses – Knights, poets &lovers 2 albums of Apokaliptica Chinese […]

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the magic of harry potter

some time ago i was asked a very interesting question by stripesknitted. the question, in translation, was this: is harry potter a wizard (a person who does magic), or not? i have great respect for stripesknitted,  and use the question here only as an initial quote for a broader discussion of certain cultural tendencies. so, […]

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et lux perpetua

the annual ‘lux perpetua’, etc etc post. i can forget. no problem with forgetting. but my body does not. the annual dissonance. clench the teeth, cook something complicated like chicken tikka masala (in this country one has to spend hours hunting the ingredients), clench the teeth, hide. the dead walk in my dreams, and i […]

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thus, i have escaped, in great hurry, from the place i used to call home. the place is ok. there is nothing wrong with the place. the lake and forest and all things are, actually, quite nice. but the last four days clearly showed that place alone is not enough. not enough for one to […]

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so much for equality

so, here we have harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. about twenty – twenty-five minutes into the film, the heroes fall into a lake (don’t ask me why). they get out and try to change into sth dry. they do it in a particular fashion: the boys take off the shirts and put […]

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digger wasp nests

i was walking on some cobblestones, and there they were – a whole colony. bright sand  cones on the greyish stone. wonderful. i have always liked the digger wasps (genus Sphex) and their creative approach to procreation.

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the glass

outside the window the sky is patchy; treetops glitter green  on golden; and the starlings have come for a stop in transmigration. inside the window books are trapped within knowledge; instruments sharpened, a vivisection in progress: dead worlds cutting a living soul.

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it is the second half of july. of course, the juneberries are just in season. i have had my annual grazing in the bushes, competing  for the juicy pleasure with sparrows, thrushes, blackbirds and starlings. luckily the human denizens of the city of riga revel in their ignorance about how wonderfully tasty the berries are. so – […]

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