thought of today

There comes a time that people get tired of being trampled over by the iron feet of oppression. There comes a time when people get tired of being pushed out of the glittering sunlight of life’s July and left standing amidst the piercing chill of an Alpine November. The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Advertisements

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behind the sunglasses you wore your tired eyes; reflections of sparrows mated vehemently across the space of fresh minted sunshine. the wetly-thawed earth was fragrant with emerald moss. starlings chirped darkly, looking for morning worms under the din of the city. i saw you sitting alone, at a crowded bus-stop. the traffic went by unrestrained […]

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the ultimate test*

death is the ultimate test – it is irreversible, a one-way-only gate, a membrane that filters you out and then returns to its stillness. death is both never and near, certain and so unknown that those who live the illusion of total control spend their days in fear. the ultimate test, where the win or the […]

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breathlessly follow

in a world of duplicity, the cherry blossoms flutter like something unearthly, we stop, and watch the silent destruction, all in pinks and whites, and greens of the grass that will commemorate our oblivion.

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so there are those three philologists and one teacher sitting and eating something…let’s say, soup. the first philologist finds the soup over-salted and says: “this is a little salty, don’t you think.” the second philologist agrees to the first and says: “you are a queen of understatement.” the third philologist adds: “yeah, she has her moments.” there […]

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six – the colour white

white reflects all light. so the thought of purity and so on is a little far-fetched, yet many still adhere to it. white does not allow anything too close to contaminate it. it is the colour of aloofness. and yet – when the white snow covers the mud and the little (and the gross) indiscretions […]

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the cicada and god

the cicada does not care about the years down underground for those three months of play and an exit, and another world, creation and death – all in one. his song transcends his night and day, weather and sunshine alike, spicing up the moments before all will be covered in browns and reds, and cold […]

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last night

last night i was listening to the maple trees outside my window how they created a multicolour susurrus in the dark discussing the latest fashion of the stars and the music of birds of flight as the moon peeked cautiously over the margin of the treeline, hidden by the blocks of flats.

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one more of those things. probably sb really likes this cat, regardless of its temper, behaviour, size and other features.

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broken strings

the strings that tie us into the heart of the divine. what happens if one tries the independence as in “no strings attached”? Posted by Wordmobi

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things do diminish

in size, importance, whatever. yesterday my bro was so drunk he did not notice he had cut off part of his finger, and lost it. like, really lost it. on the ground. all the kitchen was full of blood. he refused to keep the bandage on for long enough for the bleeding to stop. i […]

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moon in my bed. and i must say again, either her or me. so…her, probaly. whatever is left of me, crawls in a miserable ball out of the reach of the moon, and listens to the little ginger kitten rioting in the corridor. after tomorrow, i will go to see my mother. if the roads […]

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into the sunset

šon saruna skaipā. piedalās trīs dažādu gada gājumu cilvēki. =================================== s.b.: man sāk nepaatikt politika un tiesības a.z. Kā priekšmets, vai kā mūsu valstī? 🙂 s.b.: tieši kā mūsu valstī a.z. Nu, tad jārīkojas, jāmeklē līdzīgi domājošie, jāformulē, kas nepatīk un kā to novērst un jāizmanto savas tiesības ietekmēt politiku s.b.: nu jā tāpatās tas […]

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