the first thing i noticed was this. the world was monochrome. the second thing i noticed was-were- the crows, sitting in the white trees like so many inquisitors, like a bunch of hooded bandits circling in on someone. when i opened my window, they left. judging by the aggregation of student works, winter is here. […]

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my monsters

the window was quite clean. till i looked at it in the photo. ok, it was clean in september. they come every moment, from dawn till dusk. they persecute me at work. or they tell their relatives in the city centre to do that, i don’t know. they are green and yellow, and black, and […]

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mistakes un-correctable

’tis autumn. the joys and sorrows of summer slowly pass into oblivion. my head full of handel’s concertos, i stand in the wind among debri of leaves and raindrops. time to remember, time to forget. and suddenly i am aware again, of what it is i remember. and what i forget. i remember books. addresses- […]

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i switch on my interface. i connect to the world outside. i open port to the universe. then the universe demands logon and password. i log on. i pass word. i am me. i contain… whatever it is, it is too much pain. ————————-

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in god’s potter shed

thinking of the sunday’s sermon i came up with this outline: in jer. 18:1-11, jeremiah is referred to potter for an object lesson. potter’s shed clay mixture (god’s folk) – has to be worked and prepared before making pots – needs clay (faith) – needs water (prayer) – needs sand (hope) – needs crumbs of […]

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hitech adventures

well. today – actually tonight – or early morning this lizard came across a beautiful idea. to take out the sim card of the huawei mobile broadband modem, and to put that very sim card into the phone, and use the phone’s antenna rather than the huawei. and it worked marvellously. connection established through nokia […]

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some more dead

Bro went a little fishing. the end result passed on to me for cleaning and making fish soup. pity the smell cannot be pictured. delicious, no less. Posted by Wordmobi

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well, here it is, the pig. dead. quartered. processed. just the way i like a porker.

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maybe i will want to develop things into sth bigger and more serious. maybe not.must feel really awkward, inside, me.



yesterday, i had this encounter (wrote it down because it was so..miserable) in the corridor, on my way to staffroom. i still have no idea about the name of the student, thus dramatis personae are these: teacher – yours truly; student: that anonymous ungrammatical life-form. In the corridor. (an encounter with disastrous results) Student (with […]

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From “Critical thinking: a concise guide” by Tracy Bowell and Gary Kemp. To say that all rodents have tails is the same as saying: ‘Every rodent has a tail’, or ‘Any rodent has a tail’, or ‘No rodent has no tail’. To say that most rodents have tails is to say that more than half of all […]

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Agatha Christie’s Poirot S2 E7 a lady says to Hastings: Don’t you know what it’s like to love a man? Hastings answers: as a matter of fact.. no, ma’am, i do not.

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linearity and transparence

was watching the russian film ‘туман’ (mist) some days ago. the plot is simple – a unit of recruits of the modern russian army takes a shortcut through a misty swamp to appear in 1942 and face the assault of germans on russia. most of the troops are killed in fighting, and the remnant returns […]

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it happens

i was on my way to the university the other day. it was one of those days, you know – there was some sun, and some promise of thunder on the horizon, some screeches of the blackbirds, gulls, jackdaws (i liked the description in the oxford dictionary: noun a small grey-headed crow, noted for its […]

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the staff meetings are boooring. what i discovered was that i see spring in monochrome. and that my phone camera works weird, see for yourselves.

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just so story

I got to see this one: Just in case, the title says: ==================== ВОДКА для хороших друзей производство по старым РУССКИМ традициям ЗА САМЫЙ ПРЕКРАСНЫЙ ПОЛ НА СВЕТЕ! За нас, мужики! ==================== talk about chauvisnism.

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after the rain, the drizzle or chestnut flowers under the trees. i stand between the sky and the ground, speechless with fragrance. the blossoms breathe me, the earth roots me, the tree-bark so very skin. the sun betwixt the rain clouds shuts my eyes, only to wish, to desire, to beg for some more moisture. […]

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I sometimes wonder. The Prime Minister has tried to cancel the head of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB). Which can be done only by the Prosecutor General. The electorate have expressed their opinion in a picket of 5,000 humans at the Parliament. They think the head of the KNAB has to stay on. […]

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democracy and rain

approximately 5,000 drenched Latvians spent the better half of this day by the Parliament building chanting all sorts of texts addressed to the current coalition government. some of my friends say that the current processes of concentration of power are a result of the democratic processes, quoting Hitler and Reihstag before WW II. it takes […]

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export of non-culture

The city is so strange. Especially now when summer is thank god departing. Some days ago I walked thru the Old City, and saw those Brits. And they were an unsightly thing. From somewhere East London, judging by their accents. Drunk. Nearly naked. One of them was trying to put on a girl’s dress. I […]

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