Her head is white, sticking Out of the green and the grey; She stands tall, all hollow, All proud till All is ready, all set — And now she waits. Summer is coming, its winds Will dry the world, carry Her children to places She will never go, beyond The reach of the sight or […]

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no fear

the dead have no fear they have left their loves their hope and their glands with the rest of their frames here they have nothing to defend as the living raise voices and hands to sing towards their own end the battle’s been fought the victory or defeat now of no importance they lay down […]

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wind gusts breach my window. again i think of the lost souls confused by streetlamps in their navigation.

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fifteen – wind

wind a headache and a howl, never stopping, all there, windows trembling, blinding steps, wrap  up in ice, close your eyes, listen, listen – thick gusts full of needles, is all unstuck, undeterred, waiting for no body – keep your soul close, lock it inside, lock it fast, the wind is about to steal it. […]

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